Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Living Dolls based?

Living Dolls is based in Perth. We are owned and operated by a Perth-based female Escort with over 19 years in the industry.

Does it cost to advertise on Living Dolls?

At this stage, there is no cost to advertise on Living Dolls or to use the platform. We will advise all Advertisers when this changes.

Why do I need to be verified?

We require all our Advertisers to be verified. Verification builds trust among clients and all users of the site. Your verification image is strictly confidential and is NOT published on the site.

What are the video requirements?

All videos should be filmed in Landscape

If you have professional videos, they are generally filmed in Landscape. It is recommended that you trim your videos to the interval you wish to use, prior to uploading.

You can easily trim your videos on most smart devices, or use a video trimmer such as freeconvert

If you are filming from your mobile smart device, hold it horizontally.

Filters are permitted, if they are consistent with the theme of the site (please do not use emojis or other unsuitable enhancements)


Please ensure that your videos are of high quality.

*Minimum video width is 720, max file size is 100MB*.

Minimum video length is 10 seconds. If it is over 20 seconds, your video will be trimmed to the first 20 seconds.

Ensure videos are recent, no older than 5 years.

By law, explicit content is not permitted. Videos that stimulate sexual activity will be rejected.

In WA, bare breasts are permitted. Showing your face is optional.

Why do videos have to be in Landscape?

Videos filmed in Landscape create a professional edge. They are more aesthetically-pleasing and capture more of you, which is what your clients want to see!

Can I use videos that look like me?

No. Videos should only be of yourself. We will match your verification image against all videos. Each time you upload a new video, it will need to be verified against your verification image.

Do I have to show my face?

Not at all! Showing your face is totally up to you.

Why can't I upload my videos?

If you have not submitted your verification, you will not be able to upload videos to your profile. Other reasons why your videos may not upload include low video quality/size, video age, or orientation of the video (only landscape videos will upload).

In addition, older model mobile devices may have video limitations. Please also check your device settings to allow uploads and ensure adequate mobile reception and/or wifi connection.

My Snapchat or Instagram videos are not uploading - Why?

Snapchat and other similar platforms record all their videos in Portrait mode only. When you upload one of these videos to Living Dolls, we will attempt to convert it to Landscape by turning it clock-wise. If your video is converted upside down, you'll need to edit it and flip it the correct way.

Do I need to have professional videos made?

You do not have to have professionally shot videos, however, we encourage you to take the time to create your videos and to build your profile in a way that has never been done before!

Can I upload nude or explicit content?

Explicit content or any simulation of sexual activity is not permitted due to legislation nationwide. In WA (where we are initially launching), bare breasts are permitted, if you wish. Please also refer to your relevant State or Territory legislation for further details.

Can I upload photos or still-images?

Living Dolls is a video-based advertising platform. As such, we do not have the option for photos or still-images (apart from your verification image and selecting your thumbnail).

How do I change my email address?

If you wish to change the email address that clients use to contact you, log in to your account and change it on your contact page.

If however, you wish to change your registration email (the email you used to sign up with), then please contact us.

How do I change my working name?

Please contact us if you wish to change your working name.

Can I pause my ad?

Yes you can, we are working on this feature and it will be ready once we launch to the public shortly!

How do I delete my profile?

Please email us with the subject line DELETE PROFILE and it will be actioned promptly. You will also be able to do this yourself once we launch to the public.

Why don't I receive emails from Living Dolls?

Please check your spam folder if you are not receiving our emails. If you still have not received anything, please email us at and we will look into it as soon as possible!

I think I saw a fake profile! What can I do?

We have a strict policy against fake profiles. If you come across a profile on our site that you believe to be fake, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My videos have been used without my consent.

Living Dolls do not tolerate the use of other's Intellectual Property. This is heavily addressed in the Terms and Conditions of the site. If you believe that your Intellectual Property has been used, please contact us immediately at and we will take prompt action to resolve the matter.

I have a suggestion, how can I send it to Living Dolls?

We would love to hear from you! Comments and suggestions are most welcome! Please email us at

Can't find the answer here?

For any other queries not answered here, feel free to get in touch with Living Dolls.